New Delhi: Twitteratis are boiling with rage after the shameful act of Pakistani Army in which two Indian soldiers were killed and their bodies were subjected to "barbaric and inhuman mutilation" in Jammu and Kashmir. Twitteratis are also taking a jibe at Indian government for initiating bilateral ties with Pakistan.

Here are some interesting tweets: 

-When Pak troops killed two of our men with such barbarity.... the so called peace process should be scrapped immediately. - Suman Sharma

-Our soldiers are being beheaded brutally at borders and at the same time our government is providing Z plus security to Pakistani players and delegations… How shameful..!! – Kushal

-Dear Indian government, why do we need to boost our relations with Pakistan..?? Certainly our economy is not going to crash if we do not trade with country who are beheading our soldiers.- Avinash

-Dear PMO India, When are we calling Pakistanis to play Test series….??  -Indian Wanderers

-Many countries hold army troops, but Pakistani army hold a country... !! – Laughing

-Dear Pak Army, India defeated your nation in the last ODI does not mean that you will do such acts in the battlefield- Harny


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