US shot stopper Howard not only performed brilliantly against Belgium but also set a new record for maximum saves in a World Cup game before eventually conceding twice in the extra period of the pre-quarterfinal game.

Not only US footie fans but fans from other nations also lauded Howard for his heroic display.  He made a staggering total of 15 saves during the game against the Belgians.

Several memes praising Howard went viral on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The Everton man’s performance not only kept US Men’s Soccer National Team (USMNT) in the game against Belgium but also gave them a fighting chance to upset their opponents.

As soon as Howard made a string of impressive saves against Belgium, #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave started trending on the Twitter.

Fans shared number of hilarious memes about Howard, lauding him for his heroics.

In one such meme, Howard is shown as an early candidate for US Presidential elections in 2016. In another such meme, the brilliant goalkeeper is shown saving Formula One cars from colliding with each other on track.

In an apparent dig at Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, Howard in one of such memes is shown stopping the Liverpool forward from biting Italian defender Giorgio Cheillini.

Suarez was banned for four months for all the football related activities for biting the Juventus centre back during their group stage game.


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