Political leaders like Bharatiya Janata Party’s Nitin Gandkari and JD (U)’s Sushil Kumar Modi also booked their presence in the big list of comments.

Confirming his relationship on Twitter, Digvijay has said, “I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai. She and her husband have already filed a mutual consent divorce case.”

Amrita has also confirmed her separation from her husband and added that she would later marry Digvijay.

“I have separated from my husband and we have filed a mutual consent divorce papers. After which I have decided to marry with Digvijaya Singh,” she tweeted.

A video featuring Digvijay Singh and the journalist had gone viral on Tuesday and numerous hashtags such as #DigvijayaSinghExposed, #DigvijaySingh, #Amrita Rai, # Diggy, #Yuva Josh and Women Empowerment.

Tweets on Digvijay-Amrita relationship

Nitin Gadkari BJP™ ‏@NitinTweetBJP:  Amrita Rai should be given Oscar for selectin Digvijay Singh Why not Rahul Gandhi?

Sushil Kumar Modi ‏@SushilModi: Congratulations Digvijay Singh for having an affair even at 67.

Ashok Malik ‏@MalikAshok: I have a view on Digvijay Singh's politics, not his personal life. It's none of my business and frankly none of the BJP's either.

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge: You guys are okay with an aged SRK romancing a much younger Deepika Padukone but scoff at Digvijay Singh's romance? Hypocrites!

Sorabh Pant ‏@hankypanty: Why the shock over Digvijay Singh's private life? For once, we should be impressed by him: Amrita Rai is totally out of his league! #BroCode

Bhaiyyaji ‏@bhaiyyajispeaks: Digvijay Singh & Amrita Rai tried to project their couple as George Bush and Paris Hilton & ended up looking like "Boney Kapoor & Shridevi"

Purba Ray ‏@Purba_Ray: Thanks to Amrita Rai, Digvijay Singh is now the Onida TV of Twitter - neighbour's envy, owner's pride.

Swaminathan Ganesh ‏@ganeshfocus: It is said that Diggy Baba is Rahul Baba's mentor!! He should give solid advice to Rahul Baba in such matters as well.

Vickas-Gupta® ‏@vickasgupta: Kudos! to DigVijay Singh, who justified the Congress Slogan ‘Yuva-Josh’  and Hats off to Amrita Rai for discovering a lovable person in Digvijay Singh..

Akash here! ‏@Egghead_Dexter: I feel sad for Amrita Rai's husband. His wife is leaving him for #DigVijaySingh. I mean! Nothing to say!

Kiran Kumar S ‏@KiranKS: Digvijaya Singh accepted his affair with Amrita Rai. Is this CON style of women's empowerment that Rahul talks of?

Niharika srivastava@Niharikalive: The awkward moment when Amrita Rai says "I wanna grow old with you" to Digvijay.

Ashoke Pandit ‏@ashokepandit: It seems to divert the attention from Robert Vadra's fraud land deals Cong. releases the pics of Digvijay Singh. Cong.culture.

KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan: It's just between Digvijay singh n Amrita how n why do they love each other? Nobody else has right to comment about their wish n love.

Sir Ravindra Jadeja@SirJadeja: Bharat Ratna for Amrita Rai for discovering a lovable person in Digvijay Singh.

The UnReal Times@TheUnRealTimes: When can we expect Diggy sir and his beau on Koffee with Karan?

SUHEL SETH@suhelseth: Karan JOHAR announces: Diggiwale Dulhaniya Le Gaye Hain

SUHEL SETH@suhelseth: Congress' new slogan: Abki Baar, Shaadi Ke BAad'

India Policy@India_Policy: Sir, now U've come out, may want to reveal when did it start @digvijaya_28 I've no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai

Ethirajan@Ethirajans: @digvijaya_28 Does it mean that she hasn't officially got divorce from her husband yet, but still you have a relationship with Amrita Rai?

Siddharth Mazumdar@mazumdar_sid: #DigVijaySingh son is a friend of mine. And my heart goes out to him and his mother.

Rofl Indian ‏@Roflindian: Digvijay Singh has done the right thing by admitting his relationship in public. And only a woman can ensure that he really keeps quiet.

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge: Now I realize that the fairytale story of 'Beauty And The Beast' was made keeping Digvijay Singh's love story in mind

MODI-raaj@raajved: Rahul Gandhi's  Idea of Women Empowerment actually implement by Diggy.  

payal malhotra ‏@boldnbful: Digvijay Singh-where have you been all my life….Amrita Rai-well,I wasn't born for half of it #DigVijaySingh

Vikramaditya singh ‏@nawab_lucknow: NDTVary awards goes to Diggy babu @boldnbful

Amitesh reings ‏@JhaOrton: Depicts truly..... Love is blind and tooooooo old and rugged

Arun kumar ‏@_arunkr_ : Congress: katttar Soch Nahi.. Yuva Josh..

$$Jhunjhunwala/Magal ‏@jhunjhunwala: Somebody call PETA. Digvijay Singh's relationship with Amrita Rai is an inter species relationship.


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