Yes, you heard it right!

Just when the memories of a similar FTII appointment and students’ resistance was dying a slow death, the government made the announcement of appointing Chetan Chauhan as the NIFT Chairman.

The catch here is that Chetan Chauhan is not even remotely connected to the field of fashion. He is a former cricket player who represented India during the 1970s. He has been associated with the banking sector for 23 years and is considered to be very close to the power corridors.

While the government happens to think that these are the most obvious criteria needed to head a fashion institute; Indians, in general, don't buy the argument.

Chetan Chauhan has become a trending topic on Twitter as people just can't get over this bizarre move from the Central Government.

Below are some tweets which will leave you in splits!







To put things in better perspective, as per the NIFT Act 2006, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors should be an eminent academician, scientist or technologist or professional, to be appointed by the Visitor of the institute, which apparently is the President of India.

JPN by: Ira Shukla

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