Melbourne: Two Chinese students were seriously injured after they were allegedly attacked in a train by a gang of robbers including a girl, who also hurled racial taunts besides burning them with cigarette butts.

Two international students from China were travelling on Sydney train when a gang assaulted and left them seriously injured, media reports here said.

The alleged robbery, including racist taunts, drew a strong social media pledge from former foreign affairs minister Kevin Rudd and led to emergency talks at Sydney's Chinese Consulate General, the reports said.

Police said six people, aged 14 to 18, were robbed by passengers on a train between Central and Rockdale on Monday. The incident came just days after the Chinese embassy in Canberra issued two safety warnings for citizens travelling in Australia, the reports said.

Many Chinese students studying in Australia have expressed fear over growing violence directed against them.

One of the victims, Xuan, suffered from a fractured nose and burns from a lit cigarette.

Xuan, seeking a master's degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, was travelling with a friend from Central to Rockdale when the attack happened.

 A translation from Xuan's blog on the Chinese social mediasite Weibo by Sydney Morning Herald newspaper read "A gang of hooligans attacked us. Our noses are fractured and our bodies are covered in blood. My friend's cheekbone was crushed. They attacked us with glass and burnt us with lit cigarettes.

"My face is burnt and totally disfigured! Worst of all, I really hated their racist comments. "When my friend tried to wipe blood from his nose, a teenaged girl stuffed my friend's mouth with her tampon removed from her pants".

He said another woman passenger, who was also targeted by the thieves, allegedly told the attackers to "rob them, they are Asian and they have got money".

Xuan and his friend were treated at St George Hospital in Sydney's south-west and said he would take leave from study and return to China.

The incident has caused outrage in the Chinese student community across the country and Xuan's initial post was re-tweeted more than 10,000 times.