New Delhi: A week into the terror attack outside the Delhi High Court, police is now augmenting security at two recently-built court complexes in the capital by bringing them under surveillance of around 100 CCTVs.
Tenders were floated by Delhi Police for installation of CCTVs at south Delhi's Saket and south-west Delhi's Dwarka court complexes, a week after the blast outside the High Court which claimed 14 lives and injured over 70.
A senior police official said 50 CCTVs are being installed at Saket court while the number for Dwarka complex is 48. For Saket court, 37 fixed cameras with varifocal lens, seven PTZ cameras and five megapixel cameras are being hired.
"The CCTVs will cover the entire perimeter and will capture the image of those approaching court premises. The recording will be non-stop," the official said.
The decision to cover the perimeter of courts came after it was found that there was no CCTV coverage outside the High Court, which witnessed two blasts in past four months.
Besides the CCTVs, the official said, more police personnel are also being deployed in courts to ensure that no untoward incident take place.
"The CCTVs act as a deterrent and it will help in investigations," the official said.
The Saket district court complex has 60 courts while the Dwarka has 45 courts.
The Saket Court is the latest district court in the capital which is operational from August 28 last year and looks into matters pertaining to South and South East districts. Dwarka Court Complex started functioning from September 6, 2008.