Kabul: At least two explosions hit the centre of Kabul on Friday, with Afghan Police and the NATO-led international coalition unable to confirm the cause.
Gunfire erupted as security forces rushed to the scene of the blasts, which occurred at about 4:00 pm (local time) today, the first day of the Afghan weekend.
"There has been explosion in an area which is close to the NDS (intelligence agency) hospital and APPF (Afghan Public Protection Force) headquarters, we are investigating," Kabul Police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai said.
The blast, however, did not damage the Indian Embassy building, which is located in the area. All embassy staff are safe, sources said.
Jawed Kazem, a local shopkeeper, said: "I was sitting in my shop when the explosion happened. It was a big explosion which threw me off my chair, minutes later another explosion happened. "Smoke is rising and gunfire is continuing."
Meanwhile, gunmen took up positions in a Kabul building in a Taliban-claimed attack in the city that began with at least two large explosions and long outbreaks of gunfire, police said.
"A number of attackers have taken positions in one building. We are not sure what the target is but there is the APPF (Afghan Public Protection Force) office and and some UN organisations in the area," police spokesman Hashmat Stanizkzai said.


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