Kolkata: Two security guards were found dead under mysterious condition in the vault room of ING Vysya Bank at BT Road in northern Kolkata. The matter was reported to the Kashipur police station after which the preliminary investigations by the police revealed that the deaths could have been due to a poisonous gas.

The deceased have been identified as Basudev Ghosh and Dev Prasad Vaidya. When the station in-charge reached the site along with other officials, they also fell ill and were rushed to a hospital for primary treatment.

Director of the Forensic Department, Dhurjati Sengupta said, “The condition of the two guards hint at their death due to carbon-mono-oxide gas.”

However, Joint Commissioner (Crime) Damyanti Sen said, “The CCTV coverage until the last moment reveals that the two guards were guarding the vault room when the power suddenly ran out at around 9 pm. They were than seen coming out by opening the gate.”

As speculated by the police, they must have gone to start the generator and were killed due to suffocation by the gas released by it.

The police said that the bodies have been sent for post mortem while the investigations are being carried out to find the poison level and quantity of the gas.

Meanwhile, the bank officials told the police that no theft has taken place in the bank.

The police are now waiting for the post mortem report to know the exact reason of death.