Attari: Two Hindu families boarded the Samjhuata Express on Thursday and returned to their homeland. The two families who were staying in Baluchistan (Pakistan) bid their final goodbye to Pakistan and returned to India forever. The families are presently staying with their relatives in India.

On reaching the Attari international railway station situated near Amritsar in Punjab, the members of the two families said that Hindus residing in Pakistan are tortured by the Muslim extremists and the Taliban supporters. Hindu children are often kidnapped and huge amount is demanded as ransom. Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslim boys and convert to Islam. This is not all, Hindus are even threatened not to run away or else they will be killed.

Sadhna Kumari said, “I will be going to my uncle’s house in Delhi with other family members. I will apply in Delhi schools, so that my children can get education here itself. We will also apply for visa extension so that we can stay here forever as residents.”

Kanwar Lal said, “I don’t want to go back to Pakistan, my relatives stay in Delhi and Indore.”