Meanwhile, all Indian envoys in Gulf countries have been called to New Delhi on June 29 to discuss the Iraqi issue and other regional complexities.
"Two nurses in the zone of conflict, other than the group of 46 (in Tikrit), have been rescued and evacuated. They are now in Karbala which is again a safe place," the spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said.
The spokesperson did not specify the place from where the two nurses were pulled out.
He said the modalities of their return were being worked out and their tickets were being facilitated by the MEA.
"We have got their tickets and they will fly back to India as soon as possible. They are now in the safe zone," the spokesperson said.
The Ministry had earlier evacuated 34 Indians from the country while 39 other Indian citizens still remain in captivity.
On those in captivity, the spokesperson said, "those who think we are in the dark about it, we are not in the dark about it. As of today, we again have confirmation from multiple sources that these Indians remain in captivity and they are unharmed."
The MEA was in touch with a variety of sources who have confirmed this, he said.
With regard to the 46 nurses stranded in a hospital in Tikrit, the spokesperson said no one had intruded into the hospital and they have electricity and food supply.
"We are working with a variety of people on how best we can move them out from there is not possible to use land routes and in such situations while we will work, we will also advise caution," the spokesperson said.
The government meanwhile has called all Indian envoys in Gulf countries to New Delhi on June 29 to discuss the complexities of the Iraqi issue.
The spokesperson said, "External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is monitoring the situation herself and she has now summoned all Indian Ambassadors in the Gulf to come to Delhi."
However, Indian Ambassador to Iraq Ajay Kumar will not be attending that meeting as he is required to stay in that country to "focus much greater on ground-level issues".
"We have summoned these Ambassadors to understand the complexity of the situation we are facing, both In Iraq and in the region generally," the Spokesperson said.


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