The report did not identify the explosions, which appeared to be coordinated attacks, as acts of terrorism.

"The local social order was normal," the Tianshan said, indicating that there was no further unrest following the explosions.

An unspecified number of those wounded have been admitted to hospitals and investigations were ongoing, the report said.

Photos in Weibo, akin Twitter in China, showed smoke billowing out in two locations with widespread damage to the vehicles.

More than half of the county’s 113,000 residents are ethnic Uygurs, according to local census information.

A series of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang shocked China this year, with the latest in early August when 37 civilians were killed and another 13 injured in Shache County of Kashgar Prefecture.

China blames the attacks on East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an Al-Qaeda backed organization active in Xinjiang province where the native Muslim Uygurs were restive over the increasing settlements of Hans from other provinces.

China is currently conducting a massive yearlong campaign to quell the spread of the ETIM influence in the province.

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