"To provide sanitation facility in every household and every school, 50,000 people need to be trained as workers and with that 1.5 lakh masons need to be employed for the construction of these toilets," Pathak said.
He said he has sent his suggestions for the scheme to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has offered his assistance.
"I have personally written to Prime Minister. No one asked me for suggestions in this regard," Pathak said.
He said these workers will go door to door to make people aware of sanitation and will look after proper execution of the scheme.
"Not only this, these workers will also help people in taking loans from banks and receive subsidies from the government," said Pathak.
He further said that in the letter written to the Prime Minister, he has mentioned about solutions needed for the success of his sanitation drive and every possible means of assistance has been offered.
"There are 6,40,867 villages in the country and every trained worker will be in-charge of 13 villages. In five years of time, these workers will help in construction of 2,500 to 3,000 toilets in the villages they are in-charge of," he said.
Pathak said the ideal model for the success of the sanitation programme is the 'two-pit, pour-flush compost toilet' technique which is eco-friendly and cheap.
He said through this technique human excreta is converted into bio-fertilizer and only a litre of water is used to flush it.
Referring to the 2011 population data, Pathak said 60 crore people of this country do not have sanitation facility and 3 lakh schools do not have toilets.

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