New Delhi: After Kiran Bedi, two more Team Anna members lawyer Prashant Bhushan and activist Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday received breach of privilege notices for their remarks against Parliamentarians.

They were accused of using derogatory words against MPs and have been asked to file a reply. Terming the notice as "totally unjustified", Bhushan said that "speaking the truth in public interest does not amount to breach of privilege".

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"If speaking truth in public interest amounts to breach of privilege, then time has come for the country to review the whole notion of Parliamentary privileges," he said.

Kejriwal has confirmed that the letter has been received at his residence in Ghaziabad but he has not seen it.

On Friday, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi had received breach of privilege notice for her remarks against Parliamentarians.

"Received Breach of Privilege. Shall respond appropriately recording the distrust 'we the people' were suffering," Bedi had tweeted.

Bedi had said that she will not ‘apologise’ for her remarks against politicians, but intends to show a ‘bigger mirror’ to the House on the conduct of lawmakers.

"If I get a notice, I would say I am sorry I will not be able to say sorry. If I get an opportunity I will go before the Committee and will show a bigger mirror to Parliament," she had said.

She said whatever she had said was in reference to a situation, where it was needed to be said. "The truth has to be said. I didn't have any other option as we didn't know whether we would have a resolution," she said.

The privilege notice against Bedi came as she accused politicians of wearing ‘several masks’ at the same time, drawing the ire of MPs from both Houses.

Notices to Kejriwal in 2007, 2008

Team Anna has slammed the timing of the Income Tax department notices to one of its top members-- Arvind Kejriwal-- asking him to pay his dues but similar notices were issued to him in 2007 and 2008 too.

Kejriwal, who is in the midst of a controversy over payments due from him from the government for alleged violation of service norms, was issued notices by the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCIT) Delhi for clearance of his dues of Rs 9.27 lakh on August 5.

The dues had accumulated over the alleged violation of bond clauses under which Kejriwal, an Indian Revenue Service officer, had gone abroad on study leave for two years between November 2000 and 2002.

When the Delhi CCIT had written to him in 2007 and 2008 for clearance of his dues, Kejriwal had responded that they may be waived.

The department issued a notice on August 5 eleven days before Anna Hazare was to launch his indefinite fast in the capital against corruption.

Kejriwal and other Hazare team members attacked the issuance of notice as part of governments "dirty tricks department" action and as one that came under instructions from political bosses.

Kejriwal has claimed that he did not ‘violate’ any bond provisions and he had resigned from the job after the stipulated three years of rejoining duty after study leave.

However, the government had said it ‘will go by rules’ while deciding the plea of the social activist. "We will go by rules (in Kejriwal's case)," Minister of State for Personnel and Training V Narayanasamy had said.

Income Tax department sources said Kejriwal was transferred to Chandigarh on promotion in March 2003 but he did not take up his posting as the Joint Commissioner of I-T and informed his superior authorities about his decision to resign.

The latest notice of August 5 to the activist had been sent after an RTI application was received by the Finance Ministry in February this year, enquiring the service status of Kejriwal as to whether he was still a government employee or not.