Anand: Whenever Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi confronted with a question of what good he did to Muslims in the state, he is found to be saying that the development in his regime has benefitted people of all communities in the state. He is not wrong while saying this. Modi’s efforts for agricultural and industrial development of the state brought prosperity to the people of all communities.

This has courted praises for the Chief Minister even from the people of Muslim communities, though, it is also said that only wealthy and affluent Muslims have spoken in favour of Modi. Contrary to this notion, Jumma Bhai and Syed Bhai, two simple farmers, owing just 30 bigha and 50 bigha land respectively, do not belong to either business community, nor are they celebrities like Irfan Pathan who was seen sharing dais with the Chief Minister during election campaign.

Their fields are located in remote areas but just two kilometers away from Tata’s Nano car factory. Clearly this advantage has appreciated the worth of their property. Sharing their views about the present regime in the state led by Chief Minister Modi, they say that Modi has brought prosperity. The value of their land has gone up their fields are getting ample water for irrigation of their crops.  Development of state has not just borne fruits to only these two Muslims. People across all specturms have been benefited with the influx of industrial investment and agricultural growth.

Like many others, Jumma Bhaia and Syed Bhai are advocating to vote for Modi saying the Chief Minister has taken the state forward in terms of development. Now, the all the agricultural lands are getting water from Narmada river resulting in good output and fishing activities have also gone up.

Syed Bhai says that his village remained calm and remained unaffected of 2002 Gujarat riots as the village is dominated by Muslims. The residents are happy because they are getting water from Narmada and it has brought prosperity. It is the reason why the Muslim families are not obsessed with 2002 riots.

Jumma Bhai and Syed Bhai from the village Chharodi near Anand are great fans of the Chief Minister. In the past few years, Modi has reiterated so many times that the development work that has been carried out in state during his regime has benefitted each and everyone in the state irrespective of the religion but the scars of 2002 communal riots do not seem to be erasing from the memories of people of the state.


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