Bareilly: The heavy rains that have been lashing Uttarakhand since Monday night has put the jawans of the Indian Army-the saviours-in risk. Two teams of Bareilly’s 54th Engineer Battalion are stuck in the inhospitable areas of the hill state. Officers looking after the rescue work are worried as so far no contact has been established with the rescue team. The only information about the two teams is that they are stuck somewhere near Uttarkashi because of the damaged road.

It is to be noted that the two teams of 54th Engineer Battalion, under the supervision of Major Sarthak Vishwas and Major Nikhil Kumar, were carrying out rescue operations near Uttarkashi. According to army sources, the team of Major Nikhil Kumar, having two Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) and 60 jawans, got stuck near a place 40 kilometres away from Uttarkashi. The team could not be contacted after Monday evening.

On the other hand, the team under the supervision of Major Sarthak had reached Joshimath on Monday evening. The road beyond that point is completely destroyed and the team had to move forward by constructing a bridge from Hanuman Chatti to Lambaghad. The team started their work in the evening and reached Lambaghad on Tuesday morning after which the communication with them was completely lost. There is no news about their whereabouts since then.


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