Musa Hesen was sentenced to death for murder, organizing and leading a terrorist group and illegally manufacturing explosives, media reported citing the verdict by a court in Kashgar on Monday.

Rehman Hupur was also sentenced to death for murder and participating in the terrorist group. Three people who took part in the terrorist group were given prison sentences ranging from nine years to life in jail.

The court said the five defendants, along with their leader Qasim Muhammat, have been carrying out illegal religious activities since March 2008. They printed books on religious extremism and terrorism, completed physical training, practiced lethal skills and made knives and banners in preparation for terrorist attacks. They also made explosive devices and carried out explosive tests, the court said.

Qasim Muhammat and Musa Hesen set up a terrorist group March 8 this year, with Qasim Muhammat as the leader, it added. On April 23, a confrontation between terrorists and authorities in Kashgar left 21 people dead, including 15 community workers and police officers.


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