Jaunpur: Nature continues to amaze us with surprises every now and then. In one such incident, a woman, Kiran Yadav, has given birth to a two-headed baby in Ashirwad hospital at Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. The baby has two fully developed heads joined at the skull whereas the rest of body is like a normal baby.

In the medical science, Polycephaly is a condition of having more than one head, while Bicephaly and dicephaly refer to two-headedness.

People are astonished to see that the baby is crying as well as taking milk through both mouths. The doctors are also puzzled to see this unusual kind of baby.

Dr Anju Jain conducted caesarian operation during the delivery of the baby. She said that due to congenital abnormalities, such kind of case can happen out of 1 lakh cases. Due to hormonal imbalances, abnormal growth takes place. However, this unusual baby has already become talk of the town.


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