Twelve of the casualties were reported in and around Wenzhou city in the province of Zhejiang, where downpours caused mudslides and several houses collapsed as reported by an agency.
It added that in the neighbouring city of Lishui, two people were also killed. The news agency quoted local disaster relief officials as saying the dead and missing may have been washed away by floods or buried under ruined homes.
About 1.58 million people in the city were affected by the typhoon by Sunday afternoon, the agency said, estimating direct economic losses at 4 billion yuan (USD 644 million).
The storm had landed in Fujian province and initially cut power to more than three million homes there, according to the agency, but more than a third had electricity restored by yesterday morning.
Billed as the biggest typhoon of the year last week with winds of up to 230 kilometres (140 miles) an hour, Soudelor – named after a legendary Micronesian chief -- has since weakened.


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