As soon as Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja pronounced the sentence, the victim's teary-eyed parents, who were present in the court room, expressed relief over the order and quietly left the premises.

"We are highly satisfied because he got the maximum sentence provided under law. It could not have been better for us," the victim's father said. Special Public Prosecutor Atul Shrivastava, who pressed for maximum sentence for 33-year-old convict Shiv Kumar Yadav, said he was happy with the sentence and it is a good thing for the society as the convict got what he deserved.
The jail term came as a shock to Yadav's family members including father, wife and minor daughters who began crying inconsolably the moment it was announced by the judge. Yadav's wailing wife fainted twice inside the court room after pronouncement of the order and was brought back to consciousness by advocates present.
Yadav, who was unable to console his family members, also cried as he sat with his hands tightly clutched by policemen. After hearing the arguments on sentence for an hour-and-a half, the judge pronounced the sentence to Yadav, who sat through the proceedings patiently, in the packed court room.
Yadav's counsel DK Mishra, however, said it was not the end and he would approach the high court with an appeal against the verdict for justice to his client. "It is disproportionate sentencing to the facts of the case. I will surely challenge it before the Delhi High Court," he said.

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