Congress MP Kumari Selja said the laws exist, but it is the duty of the government to enforce the law.

"He (the driver) has a history of crime. This also shows that our law has some anomalies which is why such people commit crime even after being jailed.
"It is important to enforce the law properly. I don't  think under the new government anything has been happening on ground (on women safety)," Selja said outside the Parliament.     

She also denied that the opposition was playing politics over the matter.

"If such incidents happen and if we raise it, then where is the question of playing politics here," she added.     

Another Congress MP Rajni Patil said the issue will be again raised in the Parliament on Tuesday.

"I will be raising the issue in the Zero Hour tomorrow. This was the same government who attacked us and projected us wrongly after the Nirbhaya episode. Now that a similar incident has occurred and the government has to answer now," she said.

Union Minister Uma Bharti said it was important to change the attitude of the society towards women.     

"Even after the Nirbhaya case, if such cases continue to happen then this shows that a speedy trial is required because Nirbhaya case took a long time to reach its end. Second, people should support women in event of such cases. Third, the mentality of the society needs to be changed. What is required is protection from the police, support and respect from government institutions," Bharti said.

People should teach their kids on how to behave with women. Educational institutions should also play an active role in educating the youth, she added.

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