"I don't need lessons from anyone. Those who don't know whether the groundnut grows underground or above the ground should not teach me. Those who have not seen a farm are advising me. I am a farmer myself," said Khadse, whose comments on farmers had invited Thackeray's ire on Tuesday.
His remarks drew a sharp rebuke from the Sena chief who said the BJP leader is emulating NCP chief Sharad Pawar by commenting on the non-agriculture background of the Mumbai- based Thackeray family.
"When Khadse spoke, I had said he was speaking like (former Deputy Chief Minister) Ajit Pawar (who hit headlines for crude statement against farmers). But today he has spoken the way Sharad Pawar did when he was in power,” Uddhav said in Aurangabad.

“He (Pawar) had made similar allegations against us. I remember (the late) Balasaheb's reply to him (Pawar) very clearly, but I don't want to repeat it now. If the need arises, I will give him the answer Balasaheb had given," he added.
Khadse has been drawing flak from his party's estranged ally since his statement over non-payment of power bills by farmers.
"My remarks were projected out of context. What I said was in the interest of the farmers," Khadse said.
Khadse had said on Tuiesday if farmers could pay their mobile bills, why can't they also clear their power dues.
"If they have money to pay their mobile bills, then why don't they have money to pay their electricity bills? They should make it a habit to pay off bills and loans," the senior BJP leader had said in Akola in Vidarbha, where thousands of debt-ridden farmers have committed suicide.
Addressing a farmers' rally in Jalna on Tuesday, Uddhav took potshots at Modi without naming him, saying 'a dry Marathwada' was left behind after 'the wave' had passed.
"Where have the big political leaders who roamed from village to village addressing poll rallies disappeared now? The only thing that remains after the wave is over is a dry Marathwada region (which is facing water scarcity). They have forgotten the woes of the people of this region," Uddhav said.
Modi had campaigned extensively in Maharashtra for the October Assembly polls.

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