"The election has once again shown that the Shiv Sena is a tiger and no one should try to mess with us. This victory belongs to the people who voted for us and party workers who kept loyalty to us. We will now be able to fulfil all promises that (deceased Sena leader) Bala Sawant made to the people of the constituency," Uddhav told reporters here.
"The Muslims have given an answer to (MIM leader Asaduddin) Owaisi by voting for us in large numbers. MIM has been shown its place," he said.

Putting up a brave front, Rane said that he would take all blame for his defeat and that his party tried to help him in every way possible.
"I do not blame anybody for this defeat. If the responsibility has to be taken, I will take all responsibility. Winning and losing is a part of election. I have not seen defeat for the first time. I have been around for 45 years thus, do not need to learn from people what I should do next in my political career," Rane said.

"People opted to vote for sympathy and not development. I accept this. I don't mind if people want to stay the way they are and do not need development," he said.
"It is surprising that people who take money from their candidates are talking about loyalty," he alleged. "I am thankful to all those who voted for me. I also thank (NCP Chief) Sharad Pawar, Abu Azmi and others who helped me during the poll," Rane added.

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