New Delhi: The UID number has been made mandatory to check irregularities in property registration. The Parliament passed Amendment of the Registration Law.

All the documents will be uploaded on the website for bringing transparency in the property registration so that everyone can get the land details. The new format will mention only the names of property’s current owners.       

However, mere amending the property law will not serve the purpose. 105-year old Registration Act-1908 needs to be amended to fix the circle rate of lands. Compensation will be fixed on the basis of circle rate. There will also be a provision for revising the land prices every year.  

Cabinet note has been prepared on the recommendations of National Land Settlement Committee. Now, property mutation will be made easy. The measurement of land, its details, datas and maps will be digitized.    

At present, transfer of property gets delayed due to many hurdles including registration process and the differences in land records. Now, revenue office, survey and installation department, registry office and panchayats will be linked with information technology.


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