Vienna: Uighur people demonstrated outside the Chinese embassy in Vienna on Monday in protest at deadly ethnic violence in China's restive Xinjiang region at the weekend.

Around 20 people demonstrated in favour of rights for the minority Uighur people, carrying placards saying: "Uighurs want democracy and human rights" and "Stop massacring in East Turkestan", in reference to the name the Uighurs have given to Xinjiang province.

Nineteen people died over the weekend in Kashgar, on the Kyrgyzstan border, in clashes between Uighurs, a Turkic, Muslim people who want to be independent from China, and dominant ethnic Han Chinese.

Around eight million Uighurs live in Xinjiang, forming the major ethnicity in the province.

Uighurs have long resented China's rule, saying that they have had to endure cultural and religious repression for decades.

In 2009, resentment between Uighurs and Han boiled over in Xinjiang's capital of Urumqi, causing at least 200 deaths and the worst ethnic violence China has seen for decades.