Lucknow: In a bid to provide relief and assistance to sex workers in the country, the Central government’s scheme for women in distress will come as a respite for them.

The scheme-Ujjawala-has been implemented in four districts of Uttar Pradesh so far, and will be launched in the entire state.

The state government will carry a survey of all sex workers in the region within three months. After the identification, they will be given prime importance under the scheme.

Till now, the scheme has been conducted in Basti, Barabanki, Lucknow and Rae Bareli.

The main aim of the scheme is to pull out women from prostitution and five goals have been listed under the ‘Ujjawala’.

The scheme aims at spreading social awareness to stop sex trade, provide medical and legal assistance to those arrested for flesh trade and make them self dependent by arranging a rehabilitation centre for them.

If foreign women are caught, arranging facilities for her repatriation is also a part of the plan.

This scheme is put to practice with the assistance of the Centre. The government has sanctioned Rs 21.76 lakh to each district in this regard.

Unethical business continues

In spite of having Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1956, the unethical trade continues in every district. Such practices are still on in Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mau, Gazipur, Baliya, Meerut, Ferozabad, Siddharth Nagar, Basti, Azamgarh.

Moreover, prostitution has taken a high-tech turn where sex rackets are thriving in the name of parlours and massage parlours. Several attempts made to stop them but they came to a naught.