Bombs laced with chlorine, which is available to buy in large quantities in Britain, has become the "chemical weapon of choice" for IS fighters, security experts warned.

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a leading expert on chemical warfare, has called on the British government to tighten controls on chlorine sales in Britain."As more jihadists return to this country there is a growing chance (of a chlorine bomb attack). That to me puts it through the threshold where we should look into this seriously,".

The chemical has a range of uses, such as purifying water and disinfecting surfaces, but can prove lethal if inhaled.

An improvised chlorine bomb would cause carnage if detonated on the London Underground network, on the mainline railway network or in a shopping centre.

The chlorine that is often used in bombs in Iraq comes from the cylinders on the back of household fridges.

Militants strip off the steel bottle and attach an explosive charge to make a simple improvised chlorine device something that could be repeated in Britain.

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