London: A fiery curry dish cooked with variants of the Indian 'Naga Jolokia' chilli – the hottest chilli in the world – landed two adventurous curry loving women in hospital, in Scottish capital Edinburgh, after they fainted but not before bleeding and vomiting.

The 'Kismot' Restaurant organises an annual competition to consume its 'Kismot Curry' dish, but this year emergency services were called to the restaurant after two competitors became "very unwell" last week.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has urged the restaurant owner to consider reducing the hotness of the curry for the contest that draws several chilli aficionados but few manage to complete the challenge.

Participants sign a legal disclaimer before taking part in the competition, which raises money for the Scottish children's charity Chas.

 Half of the 20 people who took part dropped out after witnessing the first 10 diners vomiting, collapsing, sweating and panting.

The contest was won by Beverly Jones, who managed to finish nine spoonfuls of the chilli-filled dish, while American student Curie Kim came second.

Both ended up in hospital, local papers here said.

Kim, 21, said: "This was for a good cause, but it came with a price. I have never endured such pain. It was very painful and felt like I was being chainsawed in the stomach with hot sauce on the chainsaw".