The school, which was rated "outstanding" at its latest inspection by UK schools inspectorate Ofsted, has been criticised for allowing segregation between boys and girls in the playground, according to 'The Independent'.
Despite being a Church of England school, its intake is 80 percent Bangladeshi Muslims, reflecting the make-up of the community it serves.

The issue will once again bring to light the so-called "Trojan Horse" scandal that hit some schools in Birmingham, triggering investigations across UK schools into alleged Islamist extremist influence over their functioning.     

Tower Hamlets council in East London had recently issued an urgent appeal to headteachers to inform police about pupils they suspected of being under the influence of Islamic extremists.

They issued a letter to 230 schools in the area which read, "If you have any concerns, especially with regards to young people or their friends or family members being persuaded to participate in the conflict (in Syria and Iraq) or commit acts of terrorism here, please talk to one of the police officers you see on patrol in the local community."     

UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is to receive advice from the Ofsted head on how schools should police increasing numbers of Islamic societies being established in state schools.

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