Washington: A UK based teen has taken upon himself to raise money and awareness for the wounded troops and their families.

Oliver 'Ollie' Plunket, 18, had a year to spare between high school and college so he jumped on the opportunity, six months ago in Argentina, and embarked on the 'Ollie's Odyssey' a seven-month, 14-nation trek around the world with the aim of raising awareness and money for wounded troops and their families, reported a magazine.

Plunket told the publication that the thing that people usually do, during school hiatuses, is they work for six months and then they go traveling for six months.

He said that the children travel around on buses and they just have a general good time seeing the world, but he likes to think

he has a slightly more adventurous personality. The teenager asserted that he worked a little bit harder and saved a little bit more, using his savings to help pay for the trip.


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