The study including 1,000 parents of teenagers in UK found that an average of almost 61 pounds a week is spent keeping the house stocked with food for the hungry adolescent.
More than two-thirds of the parents said that their teenager eats more than anyone else in the house. Between the ages of 13 and 19 each will cost their parents a total of 43,828 pounds, financial experts said.
Almost half of the money goes on food and drink. Then there are train and bus fares and the cost of fuel to ferry them around. Teens also get pocket money - an average 21.70 pounds a month, topped up with 20.82 pounds of 'loans' each month, a daily reported. Six in 10 parents have had a row with their teenagers over the mounting bills.
"Children are expensive whatever their age but it seems once they hit teenage they have bigger appetites and spend much of their time eating into the electricity bill with TVs, computer games and in many cases, leaving lights and gadgets on when they aren't using them," said Andy Oldham, managing director of cashback site, which published the survey.


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