Kiev (Ukraine): Earning tag of being the most prolific mother in the country, a Ukrainian woman has given birth to her 20th child, media reports said.

Leonora Nameni (41), said she was not going to stop there and was planning to have more children, a newspaper reported.

Doctors attending on the woman said both, the baby boy and his mother were doing well.

The family having 10 sons and 10 daughters, lives in a village in West Ukraine Jonathan, the eldest child in the family, is 20 years old and is already married. Six children are working, eight are in school, and six are pre-schoolers.

Both parents were brought up in large families as well. Janos Nameni, the father, has 16 brothers and sisters. Leonora is one of 14 children.

The family owns a small farm, where the children work. The parents said they give their children good education and teach them to respect traditions. Television is prohibited in the family.

The most prolific living mother in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is Leontina Albina from Chile who gave birth to 55 children.