Jammu: Blowing the bugle against corruption in Jammu and Kashmir, the Ulemas, religious heads and youths - who have remained loyal to separatist groups, have now raised the demand for a strict law on the pattern of Lokpal Bill to end the corrupt practices in the state.

A recently concluded seminar of Kashmir Revolutionary Group (KRG) witnessed some significant moves in this regard. In the seminar, Ulemas, Muftis and Youths approved a proposal which recommends that each Friday, the Ulemas will motivate the people of their respective areas to come forward and make the valuable contribution to fight corruption.

One of the main protagonists of KRG, Journalist Shuja said that people of Jammu and Kashmir were disappointed with the prevailing corruption in the state. He said, “In wake of the large-scale corruption the democracy does not function as per the expectation and people are being deprived of their rights.” As a result, people come out on roads to fight for their rights, he added.

Shuja maintained the corruption is the biggest problem faced by the people, and its eradication will solve more than half of the miseries being suffered by denizens. He further said the KRG has been successful in including Ulemas in the fight against corruption. 

Meanwhile, Mufti Bashir said a Muslim can never be involved in corruptions and dishonesty. Commenting on similar lines, Mufti Sayed Ahmed said it is time that a ‘Jehad’ is launched against corruption and dishonesty in the state, maintaining that a law on the pattern of Lokpal Bill should be approved for the state.