Srinagar: In order to prevent religious conversion of Muslim youths by Christian missionaries in Jammu and Kashmir, Muttahida-Majilis-a-Ulema has decided to organize a special movement against the practice.

Meanwhile, Christian priest CM Khanna, who was taken into custody over allegations regarding his involvement in forced conversions, has been sent in police remand for seven days. The police have constituted a special investigation group for his interrogation.

A meeting was held of Muttahida-Majilis-a-Ulema headed by Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq at his home on Monday, attended by eminent Maulvis, Ulemas, Imams and heads of various Darul Uloom and religious organizations. During the meeting, the Ulemas accused the Christian missionaries of spoiling the Islamic character and communal harmony of Kashmir.

The Ulemas have prepared a strategy to deal with the conversion campaign run by the Christian missionaries and planned to set up a committee for its analysis and implementation. Major Muslim intellectual personalities and educationists of the valley will also be included in the committee.

Mirwaiz said, “Soon a campaign will be launched in Kashmir to make the people aware of Islam and warn them of intentions of the missionaries.”

In addition, all Ulemas and Imams before Friday prayers will also spread the message among people to keep them away from un-islamic activities and drug addiction.

The guardians will also be asked to teach their children to keep away from adopting un-islamic practices.
“We have requested the other religious leaders that we are not against any religion and they are completely secure in the valley. They can obey their religion as they wish but avoid doing anything that may hurt the sentiments of Muslims,” he added.