In a letter to the Election Commission, Uma alleged anti-BJP political parties are distorting her speech in bits and pieces and releasing it on social media sites with an ‘ulterior motive and to gain political mileage by defaming her’.

She charged other political parties are conspiring and misusing the media to tarnish Modi's image.

Praising Modi, Bharti said, “He is an exceptional personality and he is at the centre of the country's hope today. I have great respect and regard for Narendra Modi. I am deeply pained by the meticulous dissemination of concocted video clips in social media to malign my reputation. This is a clear violation of model code of conduct in operation today when general election is scheduled to be conducted across the country.”

The video clip released by Congress shows Bharti describing Modi as ‘Vinash Purush’.

"I request you to take appropriate legal action against person/persons/political parties behind this frivolous act and also to issue stringent direction and order to control social and other media involved in the illegal act," Bharti said in the letter.

In the audio-visual presentation, Bharti, who was then heading Bharatiya Janshakti Party after parting ways with the BJP, said that she never saw ‘Hindus so frightened as in Gujarat’ and that ‘Gujarat has become a fear-stricken state’.

In the letter, Bharti said anti-BJP political parties are disseminating the concocted part of her utterance in a press conference she attended way back in 2007 when she was not in the BJP.

"They said act is violation of applicable laws of the land with severe consequences," she said.


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