Bhopal: BJP vice-president Uma Bharti on Sunday said that she was confident of her party's win in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections slated later this year.

"There are a number of reasons which make me feel comfortable that the BJP will win the Assembly elections without any doubt," Bharti said.

The main reason was the fact that the Congress has been in opposition in Madhya Pradesh for more than nine years, she said, adding that the Congress had become a party which cannot survive without political power.

The Congress can somehow live for a five-year term without power, but when it is in opposition for 10 years, its condition becomes pathetic, the BJP leader said. The poor condition of the Congress, coupled with the excellent work done by the BJP government under the Chief Ministership of Shivraj Singh Chouhan would ensure BJP's victory, she said.

Replying to questions, she said a decision on whether she will campaign or not for the BJP in the Assembly elections would be taken by the party leadership. Bharti said even when she had contested the Assembly election from Charkhari in Uttar Pradesh, the decision had been taken by the then BJP president Nitin Gadkari.


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