Etah: Uma Bharti, who is among the lead campaigners of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh elections, is expected to take on Kalyan Singh on his home turf.

BJP is planning to field Uma Bharti as a counter to rebel BJP leader Kalyan Singh; both belong to the Lodh community. By doing this the BJP aims at targeting the Lodh Rajput dominated Marhara assembly seat.

Initially there were chances of a compromise between the BJP and Kalyan Singh because of which BJP delayed deciding candidates on seven seats of Etah district.  On the other hand Kalyan Singh had already announced the names of his party candidates clearly maintaining distance from the BJP.

Though BJP has not unveiled its decision of fielding Uma Bharti for Marhara seat but there are speculations on the same.

In the year 2007, Kalyan singh fielded his candidates for all eight seats but only two could taste success.
Though BJP has announced Vipin Varma David’s name for Marhara seat but is likely to step down to make way for former chief minister Uma Bharti.

In this regard David said, “Nothing could be better than Uma Bharti contesting for Marhara seat. I would not contest if she comes. Her contesting would affect all the assembly seats.”