Lucknow:  In an effort to counter the Congress move to win the loyalties of minorities, the belligerent leader of Bharatiya Janata Party Uma Bharti has claimed that Gujarat is the safest place in the country for Muslims. She lambasted the Congress for exploiting Muslims as a tool to win elections.

Bharti, who is in a state-wide BJP campaign for the forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh on 2012 stated that the minorities have realized that they are being used by few political parties.

Keeping in mind her firebrand image, the BJP has entrusted her the responsibility of leading party campaign in UP along with party stalwarts Rajnath Singh and Kalraj Mishra.

Addressing a gathering in Azamgarh, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Bharti said “The minorities are being threatened for the sake of vote banks. But the Muslims are safest in BJP ruled Gujrat.” She maintained that evading fear, fighting hunger and corruption in UP are among the top priorities for the BJP.

Terming the BSP state government as a failure on all fronts, she said, “In a state where crime prevails and women feel unsafe in stepping out of their homes, the ruling party has no right to remain in power”.

She declared that if the BJP comes to power in UP, the next target would be to form the government at Centre.

Claiming BJP to have the largest public-following in the state, she called for reaching out to the people to inform them of the corruption by the Union government and the State government.