Adelaide: A goof-up by umpires Simon Fry from Australia and England's Nigel Long in the 30th over robbed India of a win against Sri Lanka in Tuesday's ODI in the ongoing tri-series at the Adelaide Oval.

The umpires failed to detect a five-ball over in the 30th over bowled by Lasith Malinga. A ball less finally proved costly in the end as India were left with four runs to win from the last ball and managed three as the match ended in a tie, the first between the two countries in ODIs.

Malinga sent down five deliveries in the 30th over and the umpires failed to detect the ball-short. The mistake finally cost India, who ultimately faced a ball less.

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was unhappy with the mistake made by the umpires but said they can't make a "big fuss" out of the issue.

"It's done and dusted with. We can create a big fuss out of it but what's the point? It's like a controversy standing right on the edge... just about to happen. What's the point as it's a controversy which is right there and we don't really want to get into anything like that... Hopefully, it won't be repeated, not only with us but not even with any other side," Dhoni said.

"As I said, we have seen in the past. We have bowled an over and we almost changed sides but the third umpire intervened and said, 'Ok you have to bowl one more ball in this particular over', but it did not happen in this game. I don't know why? Nothing can be done right now," the Indian skipper added.