Brahimi will hold separate meetings with delegations from President Bashar al-Assad's regime and the opposition before full talks resume in Geneva on Friday.
UN-sponsored conference -- the biggest diplomatic effort yet to resolve Syria's devastating civil war – opened in the Swiss town of Montreux on Wednesday with heated disagreements among the two sides and world powers.
But neither side walked out and Brahimi said that he would talk with both parties today to see ‘how best we can move forward’.
“Do we go straight into one room and start discussing or do we talk a little bit more separately?... I don't know yet,” Brahimi said.
Officials have said the talks could last between seven to ten days and possibly resume after a break.

Expectations are very low for a breakthrough at the conference, but diplomats believe that simply bringing the two sides together for the first time is a mark of some progress and could be an important first step.
With no one appearing ready for serious concessions, mediators will be looking for short-term deals to keep the process moving forward, including on localized ceasefires, freer humanitarian access and prisoner exchanges.
Brahimi said he ‘had indications’ from both sides that they were willing to discuss these issues.

Hadi Al-Bahra, a member of the opposition National Coalition's delegation, said that they would be meeting with Brahimi in Geneva to work out the details of Friday's talks.
Bahra said that the opposition was feeling confident after the regime adopted an aggressive tone for the start of the conference.
"What happened on Wednesday was clearly in our interest. We have heard very positive feedback from inside Syria and it is the first time we've felt so much support from Syrians for the Coalition," Bahra said.


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