Ban, addressing a General Assembly meeting to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination here yesterday, said racial profiling and violence against communities is on the rise and blamed "extreme right-wing" political parties for fomenting divisiveness and dangerous myths.
"I am deeply alarmed by a surge of intolerance, racist views and hate-driven violence around the world. Economic hardship and political opportunism are triggering increased hostility towards minorities. This is being manifested most directly in anti-refugee, anti-migrant and, in particular,
anti-Muslim bigotry, attacks and violence," he said.
The UN Chief also voiced concern over extreme right-wing political parties fomenting divisiveness and dangerous myths. "Even once-centrist parties have hardened their views; once-moderate countries are seeing xenophobia rise sharply; and once-sober voices have exploited fears in a dangerous echo of the darkest chapters of the last century. All of this increases the risk of societal fracture, instability and conflict," he added.
Emphasising the need to stand up for rights and dignity for all "in these tumultuous times", Ban said the international community must speak out against 'anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and other forms of hate.'


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