United Nations: UN leader Ban Ki-moon "deeply regrets" the diplomatic storm between Israel and Turkey over a report into a deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, his spokesman said after Turkey expelled Israel's Ambassador.
Israel has refused to apologize for the 2010 raid on the Turkish-led flotilla in which nine people died. A senior Israeli envoy to the UN said Turkey would have to stop its "pronunciations and threats" if relations are to be repaired.
The report, which said that Israel used "excessive" force even though its naval blockade of Gaza was considered legal, was officially handed to Ban on Friday. The inquiry results were leaked in advance however.
The UN Security Council and Secretary General asked for the inquiry which was carried out by former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer along with a representative from Turkey and Israel.
"The Secretary General's idea was to help bring these two countries back together again. He deeply regrets the fact that this has not been possible through this report," said Deputy UN spokesman Eduardo del Buey.
"I imagine he will want time to read the report, to discuss it with his officials and then take a decision as to future steps," the spokesman added.