United Nations: UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has urged the Security Council to reduce the number of unarmed military observers in Syria and focus more on political efforts to end the Middle East country's crisis, reported Saturday.

In a report submitted to the 15 nation UNSC, Ban has recommended that the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) with a " reduced military observer component" be redeployed to Damascus from regional cities where the conflict has grown in recent weeks.

According to a draft of the report distributed to reporters, the UN chief outlined several options for the force of about 300 unarmed military observers and over 120 civilian staff in Syria.

One of them is to temporarily reduce the number of observers and focus on political engagement until fighting subsides."If UNSMIS were re-oriented in this manner, the Mission would redeploy from the field to the capital to minimise risks, retaining core civilian and military observer capacities to focus on the spectrum of initiatives feeding into the political process," Ban wrote in the report.

He noted that from a central hub in Damascus, the civilian component would continue liaison and dialogue with opposition and government representatives in the provinces if security conditions allowed.

The divided Security Council must make a decision on the future of the UN mission in Syria before July 20 when its mandate expires. The Council is scheduled to discuss the issue on Wednesday and is due to vote July 18.UNSMIS was established by Security Council Resolution 2043 of April 21, 2012 to monitor a cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties and to monitor and support the full implementation of UN Arab League Joint Special Envoy for Syria Kofi Annan's six point plan to end the conflict in Syria.


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