In the resolution, the mandate of UNAMI is extended till July 31, 2014 and will be reviewed in 12 months time, a Chinese state run news agency reported.

While underscoring the sovereignty of the government of Iraq, the Security Council emphasised that "all parties should continue to take all feasible steps and to develop modalities to ensure the protection of affected civilians, including children, women and members of religious and ethnic minority groups".

In line with this, the 15-member Council reiterated the importance of equal rights for women and children in Iraq.

The Council reaffirmed "the key role women can play in re- establishing the fabric of society and stressing the need for their full political participation, including in the development of national strategies in order to take into their perspectives", said the resolution.

The resolution also stressed that security of UN personnel is essential for UNAMI to carry out its work for the benefit of the people of Iraq and called upon the government of Iraq to continue to provide security and logistical support to the mission.

Established in 2003, UNAMI is mandated to advise and assist the government and people of Iraq on a number of fronts. This includes advancing inclusive, political dialogue and national reconciliation, assisting in the electoral process and in the planning for a national census, facilitating regional dialogue between Iraq and its neighbours, and promoting the protection of human rights and judicial and legal reform.


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