Assembling for the Leaders' Summit on Peacekeeping being hosted by US President Barack Obama, PM Modi walked into the conference hall first. Sharif followed a few minutes later and
waved at PM Modi. The Indian Prime Minister waved back and smiled.
Then there was a pause, after which PM Modi waved again and Sharif acknowledged and smiled.
The two leaders, who are in New York for UN summits, came across each other for the first time yesterday. At the conference, they were seated across the horse-shoe-shaped table.
Seated on PM Modi's side of the table were the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other leaders from France and Indonesia.
On Sharif's side were US President Barack Obama, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and leaders from Rwanda and Ethiopia.
Apart from the wave, there was no other interaction or gesture exchange between the two leaders. Since they reached the chamber just minutes before the summit was to begin, they took their seats and did not walk around the room to meet or greet any other leaders present.
PM Modi left immediately after addressing the summit. He did not walk up to any leader to shake hands. Sharif left the summit about 10-15 minutes after him.
Before taking his seat next to Indian leader, Abe had walked up to him and cordially shook his hands. PM Modi, sitting in his chair, also smiled back and shook hands with the Japanese leader.


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