Gaza: UN's special envoy to the Middle East has urged Hamas to abide by the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel for the interest of people in the Gaza Strip, an agency reported.

"Our message today to the Hamas leadership is also to abide by its commitment to stop all hostilities, including rocket attacks and attacks along the border," said Robert Serry on Sunday.

"This would be an important step for Hamas towards becoming a partner of peace."The UN envoy also called on Israel to abide by the understandings of the ceasefire, which was reached last Wednesday and ended eight days of Israeli air strikes in Gaza and rocket attacks into Israel.

Serry, who visited Gaza for hours, urged Israel to "exercise utmost restraint.”

The Israeli aerial offensive killed 168 Palestinians, while six Israelis were killed by Palestinian rocket fire.
The US and most of European countries deem Hamas a terrorist organisation for refusing to recognise Israel.


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