Lucknow: Bringing the perpetrators of the crime to justice in the Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sachan murder case can be an uphill task for the Uttar Pradesh government. However, an insight into the previous incidents occurred in UP jails directly points a finger at the involvement of jail authorities and mafias in such heinous acts.

Observing the earlier precedents of murders in UP jails, the nexus between the mafias and jail officials cannot be ruled out.

Sources even believe that jails are soon emerging to be safe havens for the mafias and their aides who carry out full-fledged operations from their luxurious cells. It is assumed that the jail inmates also do not hesitate in aiding these mafias in their criminal acts.

Taking examples of some such cases, Meerut’s Jailor Narendra Dwivedi murder in 2007, Lucknow Jailor Ashok Gautam and Jail Superintendent RK Tiwari in 90’s prove the extent to which these mafias can go.

According to sources, these murders were committed by the mafias but with the help of the jail officials who acted as informants.

Lalitpur prison guard Vishnu Singh’s death in February 2001, Azamgarh District Jail Jailor Deepsagar’s murder and prison guard Ramnarayan’s execution in 2003, Doctor Harnam Singh’s slaying in 2011 point towards this fact.

The criminal acts are not just limited to Jailors and other officials but also the inmates. One such example is of Matru who was killed in Lucknow jail in 1990. Similar was the case of Samajwadi Party Corporator Banshi Yadav who was assassinated in Varanasi jail in 2003.

Even in 2005, Annu Tripathi, Mangal Prajapati and Omprakash Srivastava’s death raised similar questions.

It is believed that Custom Collector LD Arora was murdered by mafia Omprakash Srivastava alias Babloo in Naini with the co-operation of jail officials.

The lawlessness in the UP jails can be understood by the fact that every month when any District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police visits the jail and lays out a search operation then several arms and ammunitions, SIM cards and luxurious objects are procured from their cells.

This shows that the jail officials are working in close proximity with the mafias and other prisoners.

Involving in criminal activities and keeping illegal equipments is a smaller issue in comparison to the fraud deployment of 74 people as prisoner guards in Gorakhpur jail. The incident occurred in 2007 when the Jailor caught the fake guards and was later attacked by them.

Notably, the government has also marked sometimes that several department officials are also involved in these criminal activities with the mafias.