Passing a resolution on approving a no-fly zone over Libya, United Nations Security Council paved the way for international air strikes against Muammar Gaddafi forces. Gaddafi vowed to stay on and promised "a long drawn war", after allied forces like American, British and French bombed Libya, where a revolt erupted against the four-decade misrule. In line with China and Russia, India opposed the Western air strikes, mentioning that nothing should be done to aggravate the worsening situation for the innocent people of Libya. India’s stand raises many questions. Apparently, it looks good that bloodbath should be eschewed at any cost and they should iron out problems through dialogue with the help of UNSC and other local bodies. But, going by the tyrannical rulings of Gaddafi, India’s proposition does not fit to the frame. Indian ministers and mandarins must know that Gaddafi would not easily relinquish his post nor follow the democratic functioning. If he had any respect for democracy, he would not have ruled Libya despotically for four decades.  He is not only a dictator but also patron of terror groups. It is quite impossible that Gaddafi will easily give up rein of power. Recently, he floated statement to appease the democratic countries, which is mere eyewash. He wants the whole world to shift its spotlight on his despotic ruling. India must learn that how Gaddafi transgressed the proposal passed by the UNSC for ceasefire.

This could be a debatable point that the western strikes on Libya will be helpful to sort out the problems, but it does not mean that the world would be a mute spectator to Gaddafi’s dictatorship. It is also clear that the western countries tolerated the despotic attitude of Gaddafi only because of oil and now they want to dethrone him for getting hold on huge oil storage in Libya, but the situation of Libya spun out of control, which could not be handled with mere dialogue. It is a disappointing issue that India has again put its unambiguous foreign policy. India could not participate voting for passing resolution of no fly zone over Libya, terming the decision taken without having complete information of ground zero. Surprisingly, India now regrets the western attack on Libya. Obviously, India’s stand on the Libyan issue is murky, which has been similarly witnessed on several international issues in the past. India should come forward with a firm and clear foreign policy otherwise it could lose its foothold on the international arena.