The way Maoist ultras have responded to the concerns raised by Hindi Daily Dainik Jagran with regards to their activities makes it amply clear that they have become totally wayward and want to live in a world which is suited to their own designs. They are not only intent upon grabbing the power by demolishing the democratic set up but are also behaving in a manner as if they have been given legal authority to run the administration. They are really living in a fool’s paradise if they justify their deeds by saying that they are running a big organization. They want to tell the world that whatever they have achieved so far is really praiseworthy. If this is the case, why haven’t we seen any prosperity in Maoist infested areas? Nobody would have objected to their activities if a single village dominated by the ultras had shown any kind of progress. Naxals have surely adopted a path of self destruction, going by their vandalizing activities across the country. After all who have given them the licence to kill and carry out dreaded activities? It is ludicrous that they always accuse the society for their exploitation and when their comrades are killed by the police they raise the issues of human rights violations. On the contrary when they kill the security forces mercilessly they tend to justify their act.

If Maoists consider that people will start justifying their activities out of fear they are horribly mistaken. No civilized society will ever support their designs. Change is not possible the way the Naxals want it to be. There may be some shortcomings in country’s democratic and administrative set up but it is true that the ultras are paving the way for their own destruction. There is no ambiguity in the fact that initially naxal outfits tried to attract the attention of people by raising the issue of inequality and exploitation in the society and tried to show to the world how weaker section of the society are being ignored and exploited. But as a matter of fact naxals themselves have emerged as the greatest enemy of development in those areas where they dominate.  They have always proved to be a hindrance in carrying out developmental works. And since the Maoists don’t have a solid reason to justify their activities they don’t want to sit on the negotiating table thereby, making it impossible to find a solution to their problems.