An all out attack by Congress-led government on anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare, who is in disarray with the government on the issue to bring forth a strong Lokpal, is nothing but an attempt to sling mud at the Gandhian. This kind of conduct does not befit people holding active and responsible posts in public. The way Congress spokesperson followed by the ministers of the Central government tried to present Anna Hazare in a bad light by terming him as corrupt and villain by unearthing grounded skeletons about his past shows that the Centre has become way too intolerant against those who possess views different from them. Such intolerance is not healthy for a democracy. Not allowing Anna Hazare to go on a fast is also an indication of the government’s indifferent and undemocratic attitude. The conditions imposed on Anna by the government controlled Delhi Police imparts a feeling of emergency. The Central government has the full right to disagree with Anna’s demands but it cannot act whimsically in the guise of the disagreement. Unfortunately, the Centre is acting in a similar fashion.

It is unacceptable that the government is concerned about Anna’s fast but unwilling to take required steps to rein in corruption. Addressing the nation, first the President and then the Prime Minister from the ramparts of Red Fort, made statements about arresting graft which is neither new nor assuring enough. After all how long will this country hear the age old statement, corruption has become a cancer and entered in every sphere of life? Also, assurance that the Centre is working on many fronts to deal with corruption and believes in a strong Lokpal holds no meaning. If this is indeed true then why isn’t anything happening on these lines? Notably, during Congress Maha Adhiveshan just six months ago, the Prime Minister had sung a similar song of working on many fronts to bring down graft. This is a fact that till date the ways and means put forth by the Congress President to curb corruption have been discussed only. It points out towards the procrastination being adopted in arresting corruption. If the Prime Minister’s statement that the ruling  government is in favour of a strong Lokpal Bill then what is the reason behind tabling a weak Lokpal in the Parliament? Had the government’s Lokpal Bill not been so weak, probably neither Anna Hazare would have started his fast nor would people have thronged to his support. The increasing impatience in the country is the mere result of the difference between the said and done regarding corruption and other raised issues by the people.People in power through their conduct are unable to stir confidence in the public that they are actually capable enough and committed to solve problems of citizens of India. This lack of commitment is the reason behind the insurmountable protest by the common mass against the government at large.