In a bid to clear the freeze before the budget session as the UPA government struggled to deal with a spate of scams and scandals, skyrocketing prices and its plummeting image, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh finally broke silence while holding a parley with TV scribes. During an interactive session with a selected group of editors, the Prime Minister was virtually grilled by the scribes on several issues. If the PM held the press meet in order to clean his image, he succeeded to some extent, but it flunked in raising the image of the UPA-government in the eyes of the aam adami. In no way can common people buy the PM’s proposition that he has to compromise while keeping coalition afloat. Even if we agree for a while that he had some limitations in case of former Telecom Minister A Raja, it is difficult to make out why he couldn’t take concrete action against those involved in other scams and scandals. Neither satisfactory investigations in CWG’s irregularities, nor unambiguous clarification on the appointment of P J Thomas as a CVC Chief, nor plausible explanation on black money issue was given by him or his governmnet. The Prime Minister’s stand on shady deal between Antrix, a commercial wing of ISRO, and Devas Multimedia is also vague. The Prime Minister summarily rebuffed the allegations leveled by the Opposition though, his reply clearly spells out that he is working in a system where many important issues of national interests do not come to his knowledge.  How can he claim that his government is not “lameduck’’? 

Manmohan Singh advocated that we should not harbor that India is a country of scams, but he cannot deny it that corruption has become an albatross for the nation. Defending fiery salvos from journalists, the PM said he is not as much to be blamed as is being done, indicates something has gone wrong under his nose. He should have seized upon the opportunity to give better image of the government by announcing some bold steps. He appealed to the media to create notion that the country is ridden with problems but we have credible systems to fend them off. The question is, if Manmohan Singh has got so much confidence about existing political apparatus, why then string of scams and scandals crop up day after day? The big question is if the system is so efficient and credible, why hue and cry on the compulsion of coalition politics?